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                 KUBER LIGHTING PVT. LTD.


Established in 1981 by technical entrepreneurs who had pioneered the organized sector Wire Drawing and Filament manufacturing technology in India. The plant is a fully integrated manufacturing facility for production of Tungsten wire, molybdenum wire and Tungsten Filaments for entire range of incandescent and discharge lamps. The plant was established with Coiling equipment from Falma and Wire Drawing Equipment manufactured locally as per Kuber design. Since then a large number and variety of Coiling and Wire drawing equipment have been added to the manufacturing line, developed through Kuber know-how.

The technical promoters setup India’s first modern full range of Tungsten and Molybdenum wire drawing plant, Diamond Dies manufacturing plant, Lead-in wire manufacturing plant, Tungsten Filament & cathodes (GLS and FTL-Single Coil, Coiled Coil and Triple Coil) manufacturing plant along with several Lamp manufacturing facilities on turn key basis.

The company’s manufacturing expertise is strongly backed by decades of experience of the best technologies of Lamp and Components manufacturing globally.

The company’s Tungsten filaments for Incandescent Lamps & Tube-light are used by all the major Lamp manufacturers in India and around the world.


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